Dynamic speaking warm up activity

I really needed a speaking warm up exercise.

I had a class of bored older teenagers in a Cambridge First certificate preparation class. They had been working nicely through the units, but I could see they weren’t exactly enthused. I decided I needed a fun warm up activity to try to motivate them a bit – but I didnt want to resort to unrelated random games.

A colleague suggested this fun ESL game which worked so well that I used it for my next class (low intermediate level adults).

How the dynamic warmer speaking activity works

It’s really simple all you need for this warm up activity is a die (I had a huge die – a cardboard box with numbers stuck on it) and a list of 6 topics they have studied already. Write the list of 6 topics on the board and throw the die to a student. If you have done the Dua Lipa PHRASAL VERB warmer in a previous class, or even in this class, you can add ‘relationship advice’ or ‘how to cope with a break-up’ to your list of 6.

List your speaking your topics from 1-6 on the board
Suggested topics for speaking warm up activity

The student has to talk for 30 seconds about the topic corresponding to the die, you take note and give feedback at the end and the student throws the die to the next person. This dynamic warmer worked so well that I used it for my next class – B1a warmer activity for adults. They loved it too!

warm ups esl adults B1 

Benefits of this warm up speaking activity

  • really gets people talking
  • fun and enjoyable
  • great way to recap vocabulary topics from previous classes
  • opportunity for individual feedback
  • students put into practice what they have learnt

Recommended warm up activities for English class pdf



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