Dua Lipa PHRASAL VERB warmer

A great way to start a class on phrasal verbs for adults. Any level. Not suitable for under 18s because of mature sex related concepts.

Phrasal verb warmer song

Introduce students to phrasal verbs by writing the chorus to Dua Lipa’s New Rules on the board, omitting the phrasal verbs.

Lyrics to the chorus, phrasal verbs omitted.

You can have the song playing in the background as you do so, or pre write it before the class. YouTube link to Dua Lipa’s No Rules.

Relationships and phrasal verbs.

Depending on the level of the class you can elicit phrasal verbs and other vocabulary to do with relationships in the first stage of this warmer.

Potential questions:

Do you recognise this song? What is it about?

Is she happy she has broken up with her boyfriend?

Does she want to get back together with him?

Do you think the new rules are good advice?

Listening exercises make excellent warmers

“Recognition comes before production.”

By giving students opportunity to hear phrasal verbs in this warmer, you are facilitating the development of speaking skills – you are a great teacher!

Listen for the phrasal verbs ~ ask students to note down what they hear. You might have to play the chorus several times, Dua Lipa has crazy pronunciation!

Pick up the phone, let him in, kick him out, getting over him

Fill in the gaps on the board as they tell you what they heard.

Transition from warmer to presentation.

Analysis of relationship phrasal verbs

Point out that phrasal verbs consist of a verb and a preposition.

Note the opposite prepositions of “let in” and “kick out”

What is the opposite of pick up? (Put down)

Can I change how the action is done? -yes, by changing the verb: put down, throw down, slide down etc.

Relationship phrasal verb vocabulary songs :

Taylor Swift – we are never getting back together

Oleta Adams – get here



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